Download and unzip the files from:

These instructions are meant to be used in conjunction with code files found in the link above (namely, AdIntegrator.h, and Podfile). The code files provided allow your game to integrate with the IronSource ad network, GameAnalytics, and Tenjin. In addition to the aforementioned services, the Podfile we provided you with will allow for the automatic installation of IronSource adapters for AdMob, AppLovin, and UnityAds. Installing these adapters will allow your game to receive ads from those networks through the IronSource SDK (provided you have used the proper settings on the IronSource dashboard).

In addition to the steps outlined in this document, you’ll need to setup/configure accounts with IronSource, AdMob, AppLovin, UnityAds, Game Analytics, and Tenjin. While this document covers all of the XCode/terminal related steps you’ll need to take to integrate the aforementioned services, you will still need to follow IronSource’s instructions pertaining to settings on the IronSource web dashboard. You should be able to safely ignore any steps you encounter in the IronSource documentation that require changes in XCode/code-files, as we have done those for you or outlined them with more detail in this doc.

IronSource Dashboard Setup

  1. Create an IronSource account and create an iOS app on the IronSource app management page.
  2. Follow steps 1-3 for AdMob setup
  3. Follow steps 1-3 for AppLovin setup
  4. Follow steps 1-3 for UnityAds setup

Xcode and IronSource Setup

  1. Install the cocoapods dependency manager if you haven’t already.
    NOTE: You only need to install this once. If you already installed cocoapods for a previous Buildbox export, skip this step.
  • Open the Terminal app
  • Run the command “sudo gem install cocoapods”
  • Enter the password you use to unlock your computer

2. Export your BuildBox3 project for iOS
Example: I’m exporting to Documents/bbExports/demo_for_the_doc

3. Copy the files we provided you with into the following locations: 

  • should replace the existing file at EXPORTLOCATION/ios/BBPlayer/
  • AdIntegrator.h should replace the existing file at EXPORTLOCATION/ios/BBPlayer/AdIntegrator.h
  • should replace the existing file at EXPORTLOCATION/ios/BBPlayer/
  • Copy Podfile to EXPORTLOCATION/ios/

4. Open a terminal in the ios folder of your export

  • Open the terminal app and navigate to the folder you selected in step 1 using the “cd” command (see gif below for an example of usage)
  • There should be a folder named “ios” inside of the folder you just navigated to (you can use the “ls” command to display the contents of the directory). “cd” into the ios folder
  • Run “pod install”
    NOTE: You’ll see some warning messages. We’ll fix those in the next step.
  • Run “open .” to open a Finder window in the same folder as your terminal.

5. Edit XCode workspace settings to fix cocoa pod issues.

  • Double click on BBPlayer.xcworkspace in the finder window you opened in step 4d
  • Make sure the folder icon is selected in the top left corner.
  • Make sure BBPlayer is selected in the panel on the left
  • Click on “Build Settings”
  • In the search bar, search for “HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS”
  • Double click to the right of the line labeled “Header Search Paths”
  • Click the “+” button and type “$(inherited)”
  • Clear the search bar and search for “OTHER_LDFLAGS”
  • Double click to the right of the line labeled “Other Linker Flags”
  • Click the “+” button and type “$(inherited)”
  • Clear the search bar and search for “GCC_PREPROCESSOR”
  • Double click to the right of the line labeled “Debug”
  • If an entry with “$(inherited)” isn’t already present, add it using the “+” button
  • Double click to the right of the line labeled “Release”
  • If an entry with “$(inherited)” isn’t already present, add it using the “+” button
  • Run “pod install” again (step 4c). This time you shouldn’t see any warning or error messages.

Here’s a video that follows the steps above:

6. Add your AdMob App ID to your game’s info.plist file

  • Retrieve your AdMob App ID from the AdMob dashboard (Apps->View All Apps->Copy App ID)
  • Click the folder icon in the top left corner of XCode to ensure that the “Project Navigator” is displayed in the panel on the left. Then click once on Info.plist to display it’s contents in the center pane (BBPlayer->BBPlayer->Info.plist
  • In the center pain, hover over “Information Property List” and click the “+” button that appears. In the Key column type “GADApplicationIdentifier”. Then double click the value column and paste your AdMob app ID. 

7. Replace the value of APPKEY with your own IronSource app key

  • Find you ironSource iOS app key on the IronSource website
  • In, find the line that looks like:#define APPKEY @”REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_IRONSOURCE_APP_KEY”
    NOTE: It should be towards the top of the file
  • Replace

    With the value from step 7a. (paste your app key between the two quote characters)

2nd part here:

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