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Buildbox 3: Making your Character Move and Jump
Buildbox 3: Making your Character Move and Jump

In this article, I will show you how to make your character move and jump.

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In the welcome screen let us select the Default preset.

Then double click on the 3D World to open the scene editor.

Once inside, drag and drop the cube to the Character section.

Then resize the cube to your desired size. Here I used 0.5

Now, resize the plane and lengthen it. 

Double click the Actor icon so we can make it a Physics object.

Once inside, lets click on Physics to see its Physics option.

Now we see that the Collision Shape already matches the shape of our Actor and Type is already Dynamic since we wanted this to move. 

Now lets go back to our 3D World.

Double click on Plane.

And follow the same process.

In this option, the default Collision Shape is cube. Since it did not match the shape of your object, we will select Mesh to bring up Collision Mesh option.

Type should be Static instead of Dynamic because we do not want the object to move.

Let us click the edit button for Collision Mesh so we can select the shape that we need.

After clicking the edit button, it will open the Mesh Manager. In this window, select Plane then save.

Now double click Actor on the right panel to open the character page. 

In this illustration, we dragged and dropped the Move node.

And typed a speed of -5 in Z axis.

Now drag and drop Touch under the Control category and Jump under Movement.

Connect the ports and type your desired jump force on the Y axis. Here I typed 6. 

Let's see how our character jumps and moves. 

Let's try to change the Rotation Factor to avoid the spinning of the cube.

If you don't want your character to rotate, make sure that Start node is selected and change the Y and Z axis of the Rotation Factor from 1 to 0.

Now, let's see what it looks like.

Let us duplicate our scene by pressing D and make sure to delete the actor on the duplicated scenes.

Try to change the position of the camera to get a better viewing angle.

In the illustration below, I clicked the camera button to see the camera view, then I previewed to check if it was getting the angle that I wanted to get. 

After that, I clicked the camera on the left hand portion so I can access the camera settings. Then I set the camera to follow the character. 

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