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Object Asset

In this article, I will show you the basic options available for objects.

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If we select one of the objects in the assets panel on the left hand side, we will see its options on the right. 

Let us try and select our enemy and check out its options.

The first option that we will see on the right is the Name.
Just like in Character Asset, the name is not something that will appear in the game, not something that the end user will see. So just name your object easy for you to identify it by. 

Next we have the Collision Shape. Here we can edit the hit zone for this particular object. 

Once we click the edit button, it will launch the Shape Editor window. At the moment it is automatically set to have the shape of our enemy.

Next we have the Default Animation window, this is where you will drag and drop an image or animation for your object. 

Lets try to drag in an animation for enemy and edit its Collision Shape.

Next is the Defeated Animation. 

This is the animation that will play when ever your enemy gets destroyed. Lets go ahead and drag a defeated animation.

Now let us go over the sound options. You can drag any mp3 for the below option to make your game more interesting. The idle sound is the sound that plays while the enemy is in screen, the death sound is the sound that will play when the object is defeated. And then the wake up sound which is the sound that play when the object first enter the screen or first activated in the game.

We also have the Add Component option at the lower right hand corner where you can add the options below.

Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on another object.
Damage Delay is how long till the above damage is inflicted.
Health is the amount of health this character has to lose before dying.
Lives is how many times this character has to lose before dying completely.
Rotation Mapper is the animation to show while rotating.

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