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In this article, I will walk you through how to include scoring in your game.

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Distance Based Game

In this guide, I used Default Portrait Game Type and used Distance as the scoring method.

After clicking on create Lets go to the Mind Map by clicking the Menu Editor button on the upper left hand corner then double click the World UI.

Once you have the World UI opened, lets drag a Label to your desired area where you want to see your score.

While your Label is selected, scale it down to your desired size, set function to Score, then select distance and current as seen in the illustration below.

Now lets preview our game to see if it displays the score.

Now let us go back to the Mind Map and double click the Game Over UI.

I dragged 2 labels for the current and best score.

I scaled both labels down no 0.6 and then I click the fonts on the over the upper right hand corner.

In this illustration, I clicked on Main Color, new window will open, Since I want something gray like the game over font , I slide down the marker and clicked okay. Then closed the window.

Now I dragged another label and set the function as Score and amount to Best. to get the best score.

Now I dragged another label and placed it next to score. This time I used Current as the amount.

Here is the preview of the game.

Point Based Game

Below are the options I used to create it.

Let us drag an image that we can use as an action.

Since the image is big, I scaled it to .13.

Then I selected the Action image on the left so I can edit its options.

Now on the options panel, I renamed the image.
Selected Coin as the action type.
Made reward coins to 0.
And reward points to 1.

Now I copied the cupcake and pasted it in the scenes where I want it to appear.

Then I went to the World UI so I can add a label for scoring.

On the world UI, I dragged the label to my desired location.

And selected the option on the side. Let us make sure that the score type is set to Points and amount is Current.

Here is what it looks like in preview.

Now lets go to the Game Over UI to set the current score and best score.

I  Drag 2 labels and scaled it to 0.6. Edited the text to Best: and Score:.

And another label for Best score scaled to 0.6.
Function to Score.
Score Type to Points.
Amount to Best.

And another for the current score.
This has Score Type of Points and Amount to Current.

And here is what it looks like in preview.

Coin Based Game

Coin based game are pretty much the same with the point based one.
The advantage of the coin based game is you can use it for in game currency. You can lock characters and levels and unlock it using coins collected. 

You may want to check the article about Unlocking Characters and Worlds

Below are the options selected for the Coin Based Game.

I dragged a coin image in the Action portion of the Buildbox wheel.

Scaled it down to 0.13.

Selected the coin in the assets panel on the left hand side.

And selected the option below on the right hand side.

I copied and pasted the coins to different scenes. 

Went to World UI.

Dragged the label to my desired location.

And scaled it down. I have also selected Coins as the Score Type.

Here is the preview.

Now lets go to the Game Over UI.

Drag 2 Labels just like in the point based game.

And made sure that Coins are selected as the score type and Best as the amount.

And do the same thing. except that current is the the amount

Here is the preview.

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