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Getting Started 6 - Changing Graphics
Getting Started 6 - Changing Graphics

In this article, we are going to learn how to import graphics in to Buildbox.

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Let us start by by creating an Impossible type of game with the options below.

Now lets try to preview our game by selecting the play button found in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Here is the preview.

Now let us try to import our own image and make this game our own.
Let us change the enemies we come across for this type of game.

In the assets panel, expand the object assets list and select our triangle enemy

And to the right in the options panel, let us drag and a new image for our enemy in the default animation window.

Now we need to make sure the collision box matches the image. To do that we need to click the Edit button

We can use a circle collision shape,

Or customize by using a polygon and pressing the + sign to add points and manually adjust them.

Now lets select an image for our platform we run on. Just like what we did with the enemy, first we need to select the platform from the assets panel,

And drag and image to the options panel.

Once added, let us check the collision shape of the platform by clicking on edit.
For square objects, we can just reset the collision shape by clicking the collision reset button or we can manually adjust the points the get the desired shape.

Let us check the preview and see how our game looks like.

Now lets replace the background. First, let us delete what we currently have.
Unlock the background by clicking the padlock icon then press the delete button 

Importing the background is as simple as dragging the image to Buildbox.
When you drag the image, Buildbox will present you with the drag and drop wheel. All you need to do is to drop your image to the Background portion.

Now that I have all the layers I needed for our background, let us arrange its order by dragging it all the way to the bottom and arrange it as desired.

Lets preview and see how it looks like.

Now its time to add our character. So far we have been importing single images,  Buildbox can compose complete animation from sequential PNG images. 

Let's drag the entire sequence into the characters default animation.

Add a jump image.

A defeated animation.

And lets not forget to edit the collision shape.

Lets see how it looks like.

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