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Advance Move Component
Advance Move Component

In this article, I will show you how to use the Advance Move Component.

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Advance Move allows you to create advance movements and animations that can be activated when the character collides with an object, immediately when the character starts, or when a button is pressed. 

To be able to access this, Select your character in the assets panel.

On the right hand side at the bottom part of the options panel, click add component and select Advanced Move.

Lets try to create a trampoline effect in our game. 

First, lets drag an image as an object.

Then edit its name on the options panel found on the right.

Now lets get an advance move for the trampoline. Click your character on the left hand side, then at the lower right hand corner, click advance move and use the options below.

Let go check it out in preview.

We can also make a special move by using the Advance Move Component.

Let us try to add another jump component by using the below options.

It is up to you how high you want your character to jump by changing the Linear Velocity Y setting. 

We also need to put a value on time out as your character will continue to go up if you put a high number on the Linear Velocity.

Now lets create a button for our super jump move.

Lets click the Menu Editor button to go back to the Mind Map, then double click the World UI to open it.

Once there, lets drag a character button to our desired location.

And select an image for it. Since I want the same image as the other button, I made sure that the character button is selected then I clicked on the pen icon in the image portion in the right.

And once I have the Sprite Editor, I selected the same Jump button.

Then rotate it 180 degrees.

Now make sure that you also select Component Action as the Function of this button.

Now lets go back to the World by pressing the Menu Editor and double clicking on the World Node.

Select Character on the right.

And go back to to our Advance Move and select the Super Jump button that we created.

Now this is what it looks like.

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