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Android Studio + Heyzap Mediation With Applovin
Android Studio + Heyzap Mediation With Applovin

In this article, I will show you how to implement HeyZap Mediation in Android Studio using Applovin.

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Let us start by going to and sign up.

Now enter all the necessary information needed then click SIGN ME UP.

Select your country and enter your phone number.

After clicking on NEXT, a code will be sent to your phone.
Enter it in the field and click the check box for Remember Me.

It should take you to this page after you click VERIFY.

Now let us go to and create an account. Once there, click Dashboard.

It will then take you to a sign up page. Fill all the fields in and click sign up. 

Once in, click monetize apps then continue.

After clicking on I Agree, click Start Integrating.

Select Applovin then continue.

On this page, click the link "clicking here" to add your app manually.

Now make sure the Android is selected then create an App Name and Android Package then click add button.

It will then create your App name. Now click continue. 

In this page, you will be asked for your SDK Key and Report Key which you will be able to get in Applovin's Account page.

On Applovin's page, click on 1.Account on the upper right hand side then click 2.Keys on the left panel to display the information we need.  

Now copy and paste it in Heyzap's Add 3rd Party Credentials page the continue.

Now click the Android button.

It will then display the steps that we need to follow.

After downloading those SDK files found in Step 2 and 4. Let us go ahead and open Buildbox. I will use the below options as an example.

After clicking on create, go to the Game Mind Map by clicking the 1.Menu Editor button found in the upper left hand side and click the 2.Game Over UI once. In the options panel, select 3.Heyzap for both Ad Banner and Ad Interstitial. Then click the gear icon to go to Project Settings.

In the General tab, select Google Play Store as the Application Store. Make sure you enter your Bundle ID correctly to avoid future errors. For this example I am going to leave all the other fields blank but you may want to put something in there when you submit your game to Google Play Store.

Now lets go to Advertisements tab. In this page, Make sure you select Google Play Store and have your Heyzap Publisher ID pasted.
(will show you where to copy it from)

Going back to our browser where we have Applovin and Heyzap. I suggest that you duplicate your Heyzap page so you won't lose the previous instructions you have. To do this, right click on Heyzap's tab and select duplicate.

It should now display your Publisher ID.

Now it's time to export your game. File>Export>Android

Once done exporting, Let us go back to STEP 3 and STEP 4. Let us add Applovin and Heyzap SDK .jar files to our project.

Now that I have both Applovin and Heyzap .jar file in the LIBS folder, let us now delete PTAdHeyzap.jar.

Then open Android Studio and select Open an existing Android Studio project.

Browse through the build.gradle exported file from Buidlbox.

After it loads the build.gradle file, click Android and replace it with Project, then select the following as shown below:
Project >app >src >java >com > secrethq > ads then double click PTAdHeyzapBridge.

After double clicking PTAdHeyzapBridge, go back to heyzap's instruction and copy the line below which is found under step 8.

Now go back to Android Studio and scroll down to line 207, place the cursor next to the semi colon then press enter. Now paste the copied text and it should look like this:

Go back to Project and replace it with Android and double click AndroidManifest.xml.

Once done, scroll down to the very bottom until you reach this part:

Now go back to STEP 5 and check if these permissions are in Android Studio.

Once done, scroll back up and look for <!-- APPLOVIN SDK --><!-- somewhere in line 60, and make sure to remove <!--. 

Now copy your SDK key found in the Keys page of Applovin.

And then paste is inside the "". 

Here is how I did it.

Now make sure your device is connected to your computer and press the play button on the upper right hand side of Android Studio.

You should be able to see this in your device. 

When you go to AppLovin, you may notice that Missing Permissions is highlighted, but its fine, nothing to worry. When you click Show, it will display the video advertisement.

When you click back on your device, you will be able to test your game and will display the ad when your character dies.

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