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In this guide you will learn how to use the lock button and a few possible ways to unlock them.

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In this guide, I have created a simple Avoidance game using the below options.

Once done, it will take you to this page. Click on the Menu Editor button in order to see the Game Mind Map.

Then click on the World Select UI to be able to edit it.

To be able to lock world 2. First step is to click it and delete.

Under the Buttons category, drag and drop the Lock button to where you previously have World 2.

While the Lock button is selected, change its name to your desired world name. In this instance "World 2", then drag and drop your World 2 image and include a locked image for it.

Now lets click the Menu Editor button to go back to the Mind Map and connect the World Select UI to World 2.

When you preview your game, you will see your World 2 is locked.

Now let us go over the Unlock functions of the Lock Button.
Default - You will have to use an Unlock Logic Piece to unlock.
In Game Currency - Unlock using coins collected in the game.
In App Purchase - Unlocking using an actual money.

Destination Option
Menu - Once unlocked, it will take the player to the Menu screen. Also includes game world or UI screen. It creates a port that you need to connect.
Scene - Once unlocked it will take you the a specific scene inside the game world.
Next Scene - This is for stage clear or challenge type of games. If you want to use the skip or next button after this option, it will automatically take you to the next scene of the current world.

It is important to know that it only works when UI screen is attached to the world game over, game won or even pause, if you connect this to the main menu it will do nothing because it is not on top of the world.

Auto Follow - Means if you click on this button to unlock it, let us say in an in game currency, it will immedietly activate the button.

Auto Lock - We made this for skip button, with next scene and  the options to deep link a scene, we can now have a single game over or game won UI for stage clear or challenge type of games.

Now let me show you one way to unlock the world that we have locked.
Click the Menu Editor button so we can go to the Game Mind Map.
Once on the Game Mind Map double click on World UI.

Inside World UI, drag and drop Event observer and name it Win Game.

In this instance I have selected to win the game by going to the distance of 1500 pixels as shown in the image below.

Let us go back to the Mind Map and right click to create a new UI.

Double click on the newly created UI to open it.

Once we have it opened, Let us drag and drop Navigational Button, Unlock Logic and a Label in the middle.

In the image below, I changed the label name.

And changed the settings of the Unlock Logic by selecting the options below.

I also included a button to go back to the world Select UI.

Let us go back to the Mind Map and link Win Game to Load World Complete and Navigation to Load World Select UI.

When you complete World 1, you will see a message saying that you have unlocked World 2 and an option to Select World.

And find an option to play world 2.

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