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Getting Started 3 - Gameplay Settings
Getting Started 3 - Gameplay Settings

In this article, we will explore different settings that change gameplay as well as the character settings that further modify gameplay.

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Let us start by creating a simple Platformer game.

After clicking on create, it will take you to a page where you can edit scenes. What we need to do is click on the upper left hand corner and click on the Menu Editor and click on World node once. You will then see the options panel where you have the world settings.

The illustration below shows the gameplay using the default settings.

Let us try what GRAVITY will do if we change its setting from -87 to -40.

TIME WARP makes your game look like it is in turbo mode if you change the setting from 55 to 100.

FRICTION makes it difficult for you to push objects if you change the setting from 50 to 200.

VELOCITY DRAG is a force used to slow anything that is moving down The illustration below show what it does if you change the setting from 0 to 50.

BOUNCE change the bounce force to all objects in the game. Here is what it looks like if we change the setting from 0 to 100.

SCORE MULTIPLIER is used in distance based scoring. It allows you to increase or decrease the points earned as the character progresses through the game.
Scoring is 1 point per pixel moved, a value of 10 will mean 10 points per pixel.

Now lets try to look at a few Character Gameplay Settings. 

To find that option, Click on the Menu Editor and double click the World node. Once inside, click your Character on the assets panel on the left and scroll down to the very bottom of the options panel on the right.

Changing BOUNCE FORCE from 0 to 100 will keep your character Bouncing. 

 JUMP FORCE will change the height of your jump. The below illustrations show how it looks like if you change your setting from 75 to 110.

Changing JUMP COUNTER  to 2 will allow you to perform a double jump.

And this is what happens when you set the AIR DRAG to 50.

There are plenty more settings to play around and discover. Have a play with your character and world settings to create a game unique and fun to play.

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