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Getting Started 2 - Building Scenes
Getting Started 2 - Building Scenes

In this guide you'll learn how to build scenes within your game, how to make various changes and how to add different object components.

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In the first part of this series, we showed you where to find the scene locator. Now we'll show you its function.

To duplicate a scene, select the scene that you want duplicated then press D on your keyboard.

Or you can click the add button to create a new scene.

When testing your game, you can select a specific scene to test by pressing S. A blue line will indicate which scene is available for testing. 

You can also manually put a scene on mute by pressing M. A red line will indicate if a scene is on mute.

*Remember muted scenes will not be played in the game while soloed scenes will be the only scene in the game beside the start scene.

A shorter way to preview the selected scene is to click the preview scene button.

To edit the orders of the scene, you can click on the arrow button to reveal the time line editor. 

Here you can see the start scene and the duplicates that we have added.
In the image below, you will also see that the scenes 1, 2 & 3 are overlapping. This will cause our game to generate the scenes at random.

We can quickly change the order of the scenes by going to the edit menu and selecting align scenes.

Now the ending point of the start scene ends at the beginning of the next scene. 

We can easily continue building our game by duplicating scenes and making it a different experience for our players by rearranging objects in the scene. All you need to do is drag the objects to another location.

You can also duplicate the objects in the scene by pressing W, A, S, D keys. 

One easier way to rotate an object is to hold alt button and hover into the corners of your object.

Once you have the object selected you can also change its presets from the options panel.

You can also add motions to these object using linear velocity.


Duplicate a scene -  D
Mute a scene         -  M
Solo scene             -  S
Duplicate objects  -  W, A, S, D
Rotate object  -  Hold ALT and hover to the corners of the object until you see the rotate icon

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