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Getting Started 1 - Your First Game
Getting Started 1 - Your First Game

This will guide you with your first few steps with Buildbox.

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On the welcome page of Buildbox, click create new button.

On this page you will find all the different settings you need to start your game. 

Let us go ahead and create an avoidance kind of game. Make sure to select all the options on each setting shown on the image below then click create.

Buidbox will then create a simple game with a few scenes to get started.

Here are a few things to remember on this page:

Assets Panel - This is where you can find all the assets available to create our game, including the new ones that we have just added.

Scene Tree - Lists all the items we have in the current scene, selecting an item here will highlight the item in the scene. You will have the option to hide or lock to prevent deleting it when you edit the scene.

Options Panel - When we select a different item in the scene the option panel reveals the options for that particular item. This is where we can adjust the properties of the item to behave as you see fit.

Scene Selector - Here we can choose which scene to edit and duplicate.

On the upper right, you will see the play button. We can use that to preview our game.

Click start to preview our game.

Please check out the 2nd part of this guide for instructions on how to build a scene.

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